Why choose e-bda to train your teams?

Our method ?

1. Innovative and tailor-made training courses aligned with your business stakes.
2. An operational approach to the real cases of your employees.
3. Small groups of 8 to 10 participants.


Customer's best practices

What's at stake: "My salespeople only sell modules instead of selling the entire offer (50K vs. 400K/year)." Their customers: large accounts ex Yellow Pages, Schneider Electric,...
E-bda solution deployed : Sell to management, on the real business cases of the teams.
Measured results: All salespeople have successfully transitioned from selling modules to selling the full platform.


Issues: "Our salespeople sell studies piece by piece and we want them to sell a global subscription to our customers."
Their clients: pharmaceutical companies.
E-bda solution deployed : Sell to management with co-animation of a pharmaceutical lab CEO, on the actual cases of the teams.
Measured results: all salespeople have increased their ambitions and results sell more complete subscriptions and some have been promoted to managers. ImS Health Management: "The near-real situation with a CEO of P-G pharmaceutical was a salutary shock for the whole team and allowed us to gain significant market share"

What's at stake: New offers required AMs to meet HR and LCOs.
Their clients: very large accounts in all sectors.
E-bda solution deployed : Sell to HR and Sell to CDOs.
Measured results: AFPA case first lost, regained following the coaching of our expert and recommendation to stick to the radar of the Leader: 1.5 million euros.
OBS management: "The pragmatism of e-bda training has contributed to the transformation of our sales force while ensuring short-term results."


What's at stake: "My salespeople don't sell high enough at the management level."
Their clients: large essilor accounts, Total, Societe Generale…
E-bda solution deployed : Sell to management™, on 4 real team cases.
Measured results: account manager Total, which was to sell the maintenance of the cash registers, aligned its value proposition with the initiative of the Sales Director Of Distribution, resulting in the signing of a deal at 15 Million Euros instead of 1.5 Million.


Who are we?


Sales programme Manager


Sales Director France

Jean-Richard BLOCH

Founder & Pedagogical Director 

Véronique NANCEL

Pedagogical & quality Manager

Our values?

Total commitment to the success of our customers :
- Creativity
- Flexibility & adaptability
- Commitment to the success of your projects and initiatives
- Reactivity