Do my managers know how to highlight the talents of their team members?

  • Moving from control management to “accompanying” management
  • Ensure and consolidate the skills of your employees.
  • Keep high level of loyalty to your company’s talented members.
  • Encourage the autonomy and involvement of your employees for the benefit of your company’s performance.

A co-built and operational training course to create the link with your previous Managers training, your tools and anchor practices.

Management facilitators with more than 20 years of experience with large groups.

HR and business impact fast and easily traceable thanks to the work of each participant on his own real business case.


Clarify your own management posture, identify the right tools of the manager, train intensively with role-playing games on your real cases.

Objectives :
To know how to use an effective toolbox, to be sensitized and trained in collaborative management to drive and animate performance, to relay your corporate values.

Skills acquired by the end of the training : Listening, reformulation and synchronization.

Pedagical learning steps:

Step 1 : 

Clarify the added value of Coach’s posture in his role as a Manager.

Step 2 : 

Identify and use the right tools from the Manager Coach.

Step 3 : 

Accompanying employees on the journey to autonomy and the success of their objectives.

Step 4 : 

Communicating about the change of posture towards your employees.

Step 5 : 


Anchoring best practices

At E-bda, 1 in 2 training is co-built with our customers.